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Nashville House Buyers

At NextChapter Equity, we buy houses throughout the Nashville area. We’re one of the top rated Nashville house buyers that buys homes in any condition or circumstance. Also, we have years of experience and love to make win/win solutions for all. Selling a Nashville home does not have to be a challenging, tiresome process. Please reach out so we can make you a fair cash offer on your home. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Who We are – Nashville Home Buyers

We take a more personal approach, which helps us sit at the top of the list of Nashville house buyers. We’re an experienced real estate investment firm skilled at assisting homeowners in solving their problems and getting the top dollar for their house. As investors, we buy homes in Nashville and throughout the Tennessee real estate market. As a cash home buyer, we can help you sell your Nashville house and avoid many of the hassles that go along with traditional selling with a real estate agent. When we buy houses in Nashville, we pay all closing costs, and you do not need to make any repairs at all. Give us a call or send us an email to make you a fair cash offer on your house.

What We Buy – Nashville Home Buyers

Maybe you’re thinking, “My house is too ugly for anyone to buy.” Or perhaps you’re thinking, “My house is too nice to interest a cash buyer.” We’re open to buying anything and everything in the Nashville, TN area for cash. We love to make a deal work even when other Nashville house buyers will pass. We’re a company that buys houses for many different real estate investment purposes, which allows us to buy all types of homes. Being at the top of the Nashville Home Buyers list means we can handle any situation. Give us a call or send an email for a quick, no-obligation, no-hassle offer on your home. You can take it or leave it.

Regardless of the reason

  • Relocating
  • Probate
  • Inherited property
  • Liens
  • Health issues
  • Downsizing or upgrading
  • Title issues
  • Divorce
  • Non-paying rental tenants

Regardless of the condition

  • Vacant
  • Mold
  • Hoarder property
  • Termite damage
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Major repairs needed
  • Storm damage
  • Good condition with great curb appeal

When life throws you a curveball, we’re here to help

  • Job loss
  • An expired listing with a real estate agent
  • Bankruptcy
  • Behind on payments
  • Trapped in a misleading forbearance program
  • Foreclosure
  • Problem with rental property tenants
  • Job transfer
  • Low equity on your house

Why Sell To Us – #1 of Nashville Home Buyers

There is a shortlist of house buying companies that will leave a positive impression on you when you sell your Nashville house. As the top home buyer in the area, our #1 mission when we buy houses is to serve the community and solve whatever problems a homeowner may be facing. Above all, we want you to have a good experience when dealing with us. We’re a cash home buyer that is professional and dependable. Give us a chance to make you a fair cash offer on your house. You have nothing to lose; you can take it or leave it.

Timeline – Sell your house fast or slow

Need to sell fast

We’re also a low-pressure buyer. If you need to sell your house fast, we have the cash on hand to buy your house fast in Nashville, TN. Life happens, and there’s nothing wrong with needing to sell a house quickly, but it works best when you have an experienced cash house buyer. We can close as soon as seven days, so if you need to sell your Nashville house fast, give us a call immediately. Even if you have a tricky situation but still need to sell your house fast, we can help. We can start with a cash offer and then go as quickly as necessary to resolve the situation. We have no issues if you need to sell your house fast in Nashville, TN. 

Need to sell at a slower speed

On the flip side, if you aren’t in quite a rush, we can work with you to structure a deal on the timeline that best suits you. Maybe you need time to get decades’ worth of belongings out, or perhaps a family member needs to stay in the house for a couple more months. Or maybe you have a job transfer expected in a few months, or maybe your home’s sale is tied up in probate for five more months. Many people are in a situation where they don’t need to sell their Nashville house fast but still need to sell.

Fast or Slow. We can help

Bottom line, when you need to sell your house in Nashville, we do our best to work on your schedule. We’re an business that buys houses in Nashville, TN at any speed.

No commissions or fees – Nashville, TN Home Buyers

A typical Nashville transaction is full of real estate agent fees, closing costs, and commissions for homeowners to pay. However, we take a simplified approach. When we buy houses, there are no commissions or fees for you to pay. To be clear, we’re not realtors. We don’t want to list your property; we’re a cash home buyer that wants to buy your Nashville home. With no realtors involved, there are no commissions for you to pay when we buy your house. Straight to the point, there are no closing costs for you to pay. When we buy houses, we pay cash, and we cover all the closing expenses. For homeowners like you, that means more money at closing when you sell your Nashville house. Give us a call or send an email. We’ll make you a fair no-obligation offer on your house.

No repairs for you to make

We Buy As-is

We will never ask you to make repairs when we buy your home. However, traditional Nashville, Tennessee home buyers, and even Nashville real estate investors will negotiate that you make repairs as a condition of purchase. We won’t discourage you if you wish to make some repairs on your Nashville home before we buy, but that is usually not in your favor. In today’s market, finding quality contractors in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas that won’t overcharge is a difficult task. We buy houses that “have been repaired,” only to see that they didn’t do repairs up to code, and in some cases, need to be completely redone. After completing the partial repairs, the homeowner rarely increases the price range on their home. If you’re looking to sell your Nashville house, it’s rarely in your best interest to only do a partial set of repairs. Contact us by phone, email, or text for a quick cash offer on your home.

We can help if you want to make the repairs

Whichever way you choose is up to you. If you want to make repairs on your own, we’re a company that is glad to offer advice and repair estimates for the work you face ahead. We also have a great network of realtors and contractors you can reach for your property’s upcoming project. Our mission is to provide you as much information as possible, and then you can make whatever decision is best for you.

Regardless of the situation, we’re here to help

Bottom line, if no repairs sound nice for you, we buy houses in Nashville, Tennessee, in as-is condition and pay cash.

No contingencies – Nashville Home Buyers

With no real estate contingencies when we buy houses, a huge burden is lifted for you, the homeowner. If you’re looking to sell your Nashville house fast, no contingencies gives us the flexibility to meet that need if the situation calls for it. Give us a call or send us an email to get a fair cash offer on your house. You’ve got nothing to lose. 

No financing contingency – All cash home buyer

We’ve all heard of house sales that have fallen through because the buyer could not get proper bank financing. Nashville home sales are halted every day because of this, and it puts you, the homeowner, in a vulnerable situation. When you sell your home, you want assurance that the buyer will deliver on their end of the bargain. When we buy your house, we’ll be using cash, which removes any bank financing contingency need and allows you to sell your house fast in Nashville.

No appraisal contingency

As a cash home buyer, we do not have to get a bank’s approval to buy. Our cash offer come without the need for an appraisal, so you can skip the hassles of hoping that a bank will approve your home’s sale. A lender will ask for information from a third-party inspector. When you sell your home traditionally, houses in need of repair are widely denied by lenders, ultimately killing the deal. Appraisals can tied up deals for weeks, so removing that allows you to sell your house fast in Nashville.

No home sale contingency

In a traditional real estate sale, the home buyer is juggling their own issues. Many of them need to sell their existing home to buy your house. If the sale of their home falls through for any reason, it will ultimately kill the sale of your home. As a Nashville homeowner, this is a hassle that leaves you completely powerless. As a company, we buy houses in Nashville for investment purposes, which removes any need for us to add this contingency to buy your home. The process of selling your Nashville house fast starts with a quick cash offer on your property.

Our House Buying Process in Nashville, TN

Get a Fair Offer

The first step of our home buying process is making a quick, no-obligation, cash offer. When you’re considering selling your Nashville house, you want someone to make a fair offer.

We buy houses in high volume and only look at the most recent comparable data, which is the information we need to provide the largest offers possible.

When others throw out low-balls, we analyze the situation from all angles to make offers in the highest possible price range. If you’re going to sell your house, it needs to start with a high, competitive offer.

Easy Selling Process

Once we agree to pay you top dollar, our work is just starting.

An essential part of the home selling process is for us to make things as easy as possible for you, the homeowner. We buy the home in as-is condition, so there are no repairs for you to make. We handle things from start to finish with the title company. You won’t have to deal with dozens of showings when you sell your house to us. Also, there are no complicated commissions or fees.

To put it another way, the price we offer is the price you get. When you sell your home to us, you end up with more money in your pocket.

On Your Schedule

Many of our competitors push homeowners to close on their schedule.

An essential part of our home buying process is to give you, the homeowner, the power to dictate when the closing will occur. We can close fast as seven days. Also, we work with the homeowner to find out the preferred timing that works for them. If you need to shift timing, we work with the title company to make any necessary changes to the schedule.

That is to say, when we buy houses, we can accommodate any situation.


Compare how we stack up to the competition

If the idea of paying no commissions and fees sounds good, give us a call or send us a message right away.

Selling to NextChapter Equity Traditional Home Sale
Commissions, Fees, & Expenses
Estimated Real Estate Agent Fees None 6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Closing Costs None – We pay ALL closing costs 2-3% on average is paid by you, the seller
Preparation for Selling Home None – We buy in AS-IS condition 21 recommended items to do before you sell
Repairs Needed to Sell Home None – We buy in AS-IS condition Negotiated during Inspection Period
Deal Killers
Home Sell Contingency None Yes, and commonly kills a deal
Financing Contingency None – We pay cash Yes, and commonly kills a deal
Appraisal Contingency None Yes, and commonly kills a deal
Selling Process
Average Days to Close Transaction We’re flexible. Let’s discuss! 48 days, driven by the buyer and lender
Average Days to Stage & Prep Home 0 days. Unnecessary 11 days
Average Number of Showings 1 Showing (Just Us) 21 showings before accepted offer

Neighborhoods in Nashville, TN / Davidson County

Belle Meade


Belmont / Hillsboro

At times uniquely modern and classically Victorian, the centrally located Belmont/Hillsboro neighborhood is one of Nashville’s most pedestrian-friendly and picturesque. Tree-lined, historically protected homes stretch over 2 miles of boulevard that reach from Green Hills to Belmont University.

Its proximity to the 21st Ave and 12th South shopping districts and Nashville’s largest corporate employer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, bring heavy foot traffic from commuters, students, and tourists alike.

Its charming residential structures and numerous public and private school options maintain the neighborhood’s quiet, family-friendly vibe.



Buena Vista

Charlotte Park

Cleveland Park

Crieve Hall

Crieve Hall is a trendy neighborhood located in south Nashville with large, sprawling lots and classic ranch homes that appreciate more each passing year. With quick access to I-65 at Harding or Brentwood, the location is perfect for families needing convenience to downtown Nashville and Williamson County. Crieve Hall is a favorite of many “fix ‘n’ flippers,” as well as those willing to put in a little sweat equity.

The area is also popular because of a strong community feel, showcased by the annual Spring Tour of Homes and the Fall in the Hall neighborhood party. While this neighborhood is known for being quiet, there’s no lack of things to do in Crieve Hall. It’s home to Ellington Agricultural Center and Radnor State Park, where you can hike, bike, and observe wildlife. On a nice day, you may want to take advantage of the tours and education programs at the historic Travellers Rest Plantation. The nearby Tennessee Agricultural Museum offers a look back at what life used to be. Visitors have the chance to check out log cabins, a one-room schoolhouse, and farm equipment exhibits.


East Nashville

Forest Hills


Green Hills




Nestled just north of Nashville’s hip and trendy East Nashville, the Inglewood community tops nearly every list of great neighborhoods to live. Historic homes line pedestrian-friendly streets with eye-catching street murals crafted by local artists that inspire residents and visitors alike.

There are endless options to find eateries, boutiques, and craft brews throughout the area, including the popular Riverside Village. Stroll the sidewalks and enjoy a sandwich at Mitchell’s Delicatessen, a latte or cortado at Dose Coffee and Tea Bar or make a brilliant vintage record find at the Fond Object.

Outgrowing its humble beginnings as a farming community in the eighteenth century, Inglewood became Nashville’s first modern suburb after World War II and now boasts a reinvigorating artistic community giving its neighbor south a run for its money. Many of the brick and stone exterior homes from the ’20s and ’30s are still standing today and restored to their original glory.

Madison / Old Hickory

Just north of Nashville along the Cumberland River, you will find two major suburbs: Madison and Old Hickory. Both communities are charming, historically significant, and affordable. One of Nashville’s most beloved attractions, The Grand Ole Opry is just down the road from both, but you can also head over to Larry’s Grand Ole Garage in Madison for some authentic Bluegrass music. Both Old Hickory and Madison have expansive parks –most notably Old Hickory’s Crooked Branch Park. In Madison, there are three public parks in the area, including E.N. Peeler Park, the newest addition to Nashville’s lush Greenway system.

Madison stands out from many other commuter suburbs in Nashville for its transportation infrastructure, which boasts several miles of sidewalks and bike lanes and easy access to several major interstates and roads leading into Nashville proper.



Old Hickory

Sylvan Park

The Nations


Hillwood / Westmeade

The Hillwood / Westmeade community spans 3.1 square-mile within Nashville and has been called home by many of Tennessee’s most famous residents like Al Gore, Amy Grant, and Vince Gill. The neighborhood is chock-full of green space with large lots and natural attractions that are historically significant to the city, including the Belle Meade Plantation House, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum, and the idyllic Percy Warner Park.

The Hillwood/Westmeade area boasts plenty of activities for families with state-of-the-art recreational spaces, lush, rolling golf courses, family-friendly hiking trails, and one of Nashville’s most prestigious equestrian centers. Retail and restaurants are also plentiful, and many locals flock here to enjoy high-end shopping or entertainment while never leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city.